Assorted Boxes for May

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Hi guys, here are the new assorted boxes for May,

The Bakers Selection includes, The Jaffa Orange Crunch, Triple Chocolate, Teaser and Cookie & Cream.

In each box there are 2 pieces of each flavour in a box.

The Half-n-Half includes 4 pieces of each of the Teaser and Cookie & Cream.

These boxes are a perfect way to try a range of our products in one go 🙂

The Blondies

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Introducing the first of the Mooreish Baking Blondies.

These are delicious and we hope to bake some for you soon.

They will be introductory offer for a week starting today with the Original being just £16.00 per box of 8 and the Drizzle being £18.00 for 8 pieces.

They are incredibly indulgent, a fabulous treat and perfect if you prefer white chocolate 🙂


Mixed Boxes

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After a little bit of customer research on our Facebook site we’ve decided to launch the mixed box 🙂

You asked and we listened, from the 25th of this month mixed boxes will be available to order on our website 😁
You will have two options each month to choose from, the first box will contain two different flavours, 4 pieces of each. The second box will contain 4 different flavours, 2 pieces of each. The boxes will contain the usual 8 portions.
The mixes this month will be….
Box 1) crème egg, mini egg
Box 2) crème egg, mini egg, teaser, and cookie &cream
They will be £26.00 including personal message and postage anywhere in the UK 💌
The first postal dates for these mixes will be 27th and 30th of April

Easter Postal Dates

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Orders will be posted out only on Monday 6th this week. There will be no post date for this Thursday because of Easter.

BUT we are adding an extra day next week, we WILL be posting out on Tuesday and Thursday 💌